How to start and sustain your Distribution Business?

Distributors act as the middle man between manufacturers’ and the end users. It’s the business of Buying products directly from the Manufacturers at reduced prices and selling them off to the end users for a profit.

The great thing about opening a new distribution business is that it has the highest return on investment as compared to other retail/manufacturing businesses. All you need is a large warehouse to store your stock and some cash to help you buy the first few batches of products. Once the business is established, you’ll only need to worry about stock management and operational costs.

Success in the distribution industry largely depends on identifying potential products that could be in demand and investing in brands that will eventually make a splash in the market. It’s all about choosing products that have buyers around your vicinity.

Dealersnest help you to grow your business by providing the best quality products backed up by technical support anytime. We are discussing few important tools for your success.

Important aspects in Distribution Business

Inventory Management

Manpower Management

Marketing Management

Financial Management

  • Inventory Management

Hospitality industry products are very vast and it will be near impossible to stock the complete inventory in your warehouse. Dealersnest have 100s of world class products from reputed brands which your customers love to have in their property. When you are a partner of Dealersnest your inventory is well intact with us that are tested for performance and it mostly Ex Stock and it can reach in 48-72 Working Hours to deliver to your Customer place. Apart from Saving on Warehouse rentals it saves cost on local transportation and handling. Dealersnest help you to work with minimum capital funding and maximize the profit by reducing the cost.

  • Manpower Management

Biggest task to run your Distribution business is in getting the right man for the right job. But if you are a Start up the right man for your right job is you.

Dealersnest has a full fledge training team who can train you to be the complete professional in the trade. Be its Lead generation, or sales presentation or Sales Closing. When you are dealing with various products it’s very important to get the knowledge of the products and update yourself with the latest technologies. When you sign up with Dealersnest our job is to support you with Product training and upgrade you with the latest technology.

  • Marketing Management

Marketing the products is the most important aspect of any business and it has evolved over the years. The impact of social media marketing has increased in the last few years and in the time of Pandemic it is going to be more important to be digitally present. Dealersnest work for the entire trade partners and with our efficient marketing tools we can effectively develop sales leads for the Dealersnest team.

  •  Financial Management

This ongoing pandemic and the Lockdown have opened the eyes of Small and Medium entrepreneurs. In this time of crisis few small companies are staring at the closure and many companies finding it difficult to sustain by paying salaries and Rentals. What happened to the profits we created over the years? Where it vanished suddenly?  It’s all about how you managed your financials in the past, be its Inventory management or Staffing Management or accounting management which really hit your bottom line year after the year. Dealersnest help you in your financial management and ensure that your business is not only growing in turnover but in profitability too.

What is Dealersnest? Dealersnest is a concept of total business consultancy to make your business profitable and sustainable for years. We help you to procure World-class products backed up with technical support and with the team of professionals your business is safe in all the above aspects mentioned above.

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