How to maximize your revenue during Pandemic?

Pandemic has taught us a big lesson and if we have learned from that it help us to make necessary changes the way we do our business.  One of the worst hit business segments is the Hospitality industry so the associated business in the segment also vastly affected and it’s going to be anybody’s guess how long the effect continues. Dealersnest is a concept of business development suggesting few thoughts which can turn around your business faster and back in track with maximum speed.

Are you a Manufacturer or a small importer?

If you are a Manufacturer or a small importer and used to sell your products to your direct end customers or few agents Dealersnest is your partner for future. We give you the biggest opportunity to work pan India with 100s of our Dealer partners who are guided by the team of experts of Dealersnest. Your focus should be manufacturing and Dealersnest will look after your Distribution and Marketing interest.

The most significant difference in this type of selling is that you are dealing with businesses rather than customers. The reason why businesses are purchasing your products is because they view the potential in them to bring profit. This type of selling doesn’t require you to rely on marketing tactics to get your products sold. Rather you want to give your sellers the products that would prove be fast selling products.

What are the benefits?

  • Higher Order Volume: Using a minimum order limit, you can conveniently ask for pricing tiers, a process whereby the price starts decreasing with the consequent increase in the quantity of the product ordered to encourage more orders from wholesale buyers.
  • A Steady Income Stream: If your products sell well in Dealer point, your wholesale buyers will continue buying from you. This will give you a chance to develop a steady income stream, with greater returns during the holiday season.
  • Marketing Solutions: When other Dealers are selling your products, they do their best to come up with marketing solutions that would help them derive maximum result. This would remove the burden from the shoulders and cut down your costs considerably in this section.
  • Higher Brand Awareness: Since your product gets to be showcased in different retail stores, it’s likely that it would develop higher brand awareness amongst a wider audience. This kind of exposure would lead to more customers purchasing your products.
  • Enhanced Reliability: If you have been unable to develop a consistent, reliable image for your brand with your audience, wholesale selling will put up the seal of legitimacy on your business.

Bottom line

Transitioning from a retailer to a wholesale seller can be conveniently done by carefully understanding the business structure and then gradually making the shift. If you are looking to scale your retail business, this is an ideal opportunity to thrive your business. Dealersnest will help you to Change your brand from  local to Pan India and that’s how you can create a powerful brand in the Market.

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